Gaston: "Don't be silly, of course there'll be a next war!"
Jones: "Who will you fight?"
Gaston: "The Germans of course!"
―Gaston and Indiana Jones[src]

Gaston was a boy Indiana Jones met on his return to America from France in 1919.


On a train ride to Le Harve with his mother in 1919, Gaston asked Indiana Jones, fresh from attending the Paris Peace Conference, if he had fought in the war. Gaston showed Jones the medal his father had been awarded and spoke of his desire to acquire his own in the next war. When Jones questioned whether there would be another conflict, Gaston found the comment absurd. To Jones's discomfort, Gaston enthusiastically proclaimed that he would of course be fighting Germans when that time came.

Behind the scenesEdit

The actor who played Gaston went uncredited in Winds of Change.