George Alexander was a well-dressed but overweight member of the Order of Carpathia secret fraternity based in Eastern Europe. During the New York City mayorship of Fiorello LaGuardia, the Order dispatched Alexander to bring back or take down Nicholas Scorzen, a rogue element of the order who had disappeared and turned up in the United States of America with plans to steal three artifacts: the Al Amir, the Scroll of Santara and a sword from New York.

Alexander traveled to America and learned that Scorzen was staying at a brownstone in Manhattan with the intention of stealing from the Museum of Natural History, Museum of Modern Art and the New York Public Library over three days. However, when he got to the Museum of Natural History, Alexander found that Scorzen had already made off with the Al Amir before its unveiling. Alexander fled from the museum when a group of adventurers gave chase but was caught due to his bad shape before he could slip away into the city's subway system.

Behind the scenesEdit

George Alexander was created for The Jewel of the Ancients mini-adventure in West End Games' The World of Indiana Jones roleplaying game. His fate is ambiguous as the author leaves it up to the player whether Alexander dies or survives to insist on taking a captured Scorzen back to their order.


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