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German East Africa, January 1917

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German East Africa, January 1917


Dan Barry


Gordon Purcell


Ian Akin


Rachelle Menashe


Gail Beckett

Cover artist

Dan Barry

Publisher Dark Horse Comics
Released September 1, 1992
Preceded by "German East Africa, December 1916"
Followed by "Vienna, November 1908 / March 1917"

"German East Africa, January 1917" was the eighth issue of Dark Horse Comics' Young Indiana Jones Chronicles series. It was based on the television episode "Congo, January 1917," and was released on September 1, 1992.

Publisher's summaryEdit

Indy and Remy have crossed the African contintent, been threatened by disease, and are now in the hands of a German -- but one devoted to their recovery, not their deaths. Albert Schweitzer, the renowned physician and humanitarian, is in Africa trying to save the world's most precious treasure: human lives. Unfortunately, there's a war going on, and the other side doesn't see his value, just his nationality.

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Behind the scenesEdit

Issue 8 contains the four page article "Schweitzer" written by Kurt Busiek, a biography of Albert Schweitzer, his early career as a musician, then his change to medicine and the work at Lambaréné, and the development of his philosophy of Reverence for Life.

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