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"Dr. Jones, what you look at?"
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The German command bunker was a hardened underground bunker along the German trenches in the battlefield near Verdun, France, during World War I. During the Battle of Verdun, it was used by German officers as both quarters and command center in the field.

One night in September 1916, Captains Oetzmann and Hans Lehmann enjoyed some tea in the bunker. While the two joked about Oetzmann's lover, they were unaware that Henri Defense (Indiana Jones) had crossed no-man's land to the German side and had crawled up to the bunker to spy through a crack in the roof. Tired, Jones fell asleep and began to snore softly. Lehmann heard the noise, and Oetzmann summoned the German corporal to investigate. As the corporal climbed on the roof of the bunker, Jones woke up and overheard the German officers joking about the arrival of two Big Bertha guns. Alarmed, Jones stood up, which surprised the corporal, who fell over trying to get his weapon. Jones threw a grenade at the bunker and fled towards no man's land. The grenade landed on top of several crates of grenades and dynamite, which caused a large set of explosions, alerting the Germans to the fleeing spy.


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