Ghosts inhabited the Ark of the Covenant.


In 1936, as René Emile Belloq and the Nazis opened the Ark, the spirits emerged from the chest and flew around and through the awestruck soldiers. When they flew near Indiana Jones and Marion Ravenwood they simply bypassed them because their eyes were closed.[1]

At first appearing to be benevolent and. in Belloq's words. "Beautiful!", the spirits suddenly transformed into sinister angels of death, effectively sealing the fate of Belloq and the Nazis. The spirits went back into the Ark and combined to form a fiery ball of lightning that shot all the Nazi soldiers dead, melted Herman Dietrich and Arnold Ernst Toht and incinerated Belloq. The Ark subsequently consumed all the corpses and then sealed itself. Only Jones and Ravenwood survived the ordeal.[1]



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