"Gobler is Dietrich's aide who constantly follows his senior officer about the German encampment and the Tanis excavation. I think he actually annoys the Colonel."
René Emile Belloq[src]

Gobler was Colonel Herman Dietrich's personal assistant and Nazi Major who helped oversee the dig site in Tanis in 1936 during the search for the Ark of the Covenant.


In 1936, with the Nazis not making progress on finding the Ark of the Covenant's location, Gobler suggested that they interrogate their prisoner Marion Ravenwood, against René Emile Belloq's wishes. He felt that since she had owned the Headpiece to the Staff of Ra for years, she would know additional information on locating the Ark.

Following the destruction of the Flying Wing caused by Indiana Jones, Gobler had the Ark moved onto a truck and drove up behind it in a Mercedes-Benz troop car along with another officer and a gunner. During the drive, Gobler saw Jones boarding the truck from a horse and commandeering it. Gobler drove up alongside the truck as his gunner tried to shoot the archaeologist.

In Jones's struggle for control of the truck, the driver stepped on the brake and Gobler rammed into the back of Jones's truck sending a Nazi off the back of the truck and into Gobler's windshield.


Gobler goes over the cliff to his death.

Gobler brought the vehicle next to Jones but the archaeologist swerved the truck into the car, sending it briefly off the road. When Gobler regained control, he continued his pursuit. Jones bumped into Gobler again and this time the car found itself going towards a cliff. With a scream of terror, Gobler and his fellow occupants went over the edge to their doom.

Behind the scenesEdit

Gobler was played by English actor Anthony Higgins in Raiders of the Lost Ark. Stuntman Paul Weston, who played one of the Nazi soldiers killed by Marion Ravenwood during the Flying Wing fight sequence and one of the soldiers of the cargo truck during The Desert Chase, served as Higgins' double for the scene in which Gobler falls to his death.[2]

The scene in which Gobler's troop car drives off the cliff was an ILM effects shot using a matte painting as the backdrop, and composite shots of a vehicle model and puppets.[3] However, airings of Raiders of the Lost Ark on USA and the Sci-Fi Channel appear to have redone the shot of Gobler's troop car falling down the chasm as CGI. This wasn't done for the 2008 DVD release of Raiders however, and there has been no official comment from Lucasfilm Ltd. or Paramount Pictures.

In the Raiders novelization, Gobler dies along with Major Toht after his troop car goes over the edge, reflecting an earlier version of Lawrence Kasdan's script. The same happens in the comic book and the storybook adaptations, although in the former Gobler drives a 1937 Mercedes-Benz 320 instead of a troop car.



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