Great Zimbabwe was a series of hundreds of stone ruins forming an ancient city in an area in Zimbabwe, in southern Africa, built between the 11th century and 15th century as a trading hub but eventually was abandoned. While modern scholarship believes that the city was built by Bantu-speaking ancestors of the Shona, colonial era scholarship believed that the city had been built by non-blacks. While introduced to the western world in the late 1800's, the first archaeological expeditions to the ruins were made in 1905-1906. In 1980, upon full independence, the new nation renamed itself Zimbabwe after these ruins.

In Uppsala in 1930, Indiana Jones had just lost Baldur's Ring to Theresa Lawrence, and argued with Marcus Brody that he needed to get it back. He mentioned that the ring's value to the museum would be able to fund an expedition to Great Zimbabwe, which Brody had wanted to do for a very long time. Swayed by this train of thought, Brody agreed to allow Jones to go to London to recover the ring. At the time, Great Zimbabwe was in the British colony of Southern Rhodesia.


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