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The Gunner was a Nazi soldier serving at the Tanis dig site in Egypt. He served as one of the many soldiers under the command of Major Gobler.

Biography Edit

When the Ark of the Covenant was being moved from Tanis to Cairo, a soldier served as the machine gunner in Major Gobler's troop car, riding high in the back to fire over the windshield.

When Indiana Jones attempted to take over the truck carrying the Ark, the gunner opened fire at Jones on horseback. Once Jones gained control of the truck, the troop car eventually pulled alongside the truck, and the gunner opened fire again. Jones responded by ramming Gobler's car on the side, which pushed it off the road and over a tall cliff. The Gunner, not secured in the vehicle, fell out of the car, and plummeted to his death, along with Gobler and another officer.

Behind the scenesEdit

The Gunner was portrayed by the late stuntman Billy Horrigan in Raiders of the Lost Ark. Horrigan went on to provide stunts for Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom and in Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade.

In the third draft of the film's original script, written by Lawrence Kasdan, the gunner is flipped out the back of the car when Gobler sideswipes a boulder before he and Toht fall to their deaths. His fate after this isn't mentioned.[1]

In Campbell Black's novelization, they are driving alongside a cliff when Jones tries to force them over the edge. The car swerves sharply, throwing the gunner out and over the cliff edge.


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