Habib Ouarzaza was a Moroccan Berber thief that lived near Moulay Idriss in the 1930s. As the nature of Moulay Idriss as a sacred place forbade foreigners from digging its ruins, Ouarzaza and other locals were hired by Omar Al-Jabbar to do the job. However, Ouarzaza still depised Al-Jabbar for doing it in benefit of the Germans.

When Indiana Jones and Sophia Hapgood followed rumours of possible Atlantean findings at Moulay Idriss in 1939, Ouarzaza befriended them and used his "skills" to help them steal the artifacts collected by the Nazis as well as Omar Al-Jabbar's balloon, which they used to flee to the Greek Islands.

Right in time to depart, Ouarzaza gave them back their wallets too, which he had previously taken and emptied as payment for his services.

Appearances Edit

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