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"Hairy" was the name Indiana Jones gave the grizzly bear pet of malevolent antiquities collector Ben Ali Ayoob.

In 1936, Ayoob took Jones prisoner along with Marion Ravenwood, Marcus Brody and Nazi agent Hans Degen. While Ravenwood was seated with Ayoob at a table above, Brody and Degen were tied to a tree in the bearpit of the collector's Swiss castle, with Jones set to face the bear one on one.

Jones threw a rock at Hairy to little effect, and was at a loss with what to do. Ravenwood took advantage of her position and passed Jones a bottle of champagne from the table's ice bucket and encouraged the archaeologist to use the cork. He popped it in Hairy's face which disoriented the bear long enough for Jones to smash the bottle and use it to cut the ropes that bound Brody and directed him to free Degen aswell, while he returned to face the bear to little success. Hairy overpowered Jones and held him in a bear hug when Degen — surprised and grateful that he hadn't been left to die — leapt on Hairy's back and choked him with his former bonds, loosening the bear's grip on Jones.

Degen informed the pair he would release Hairy once Jones and Brody had made their escape, and rejoined the pair shortly thereafter.