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Stabsarzt Hans Ubermann was an Schutzstaffel doctor and professor who managed to split the atom in 1939.


Despite splitting the atom, due to uranium limitations Hans Ubermann sought alternative means of energy for the powers of the Third Reich. Colonel Klaus Kerner brought him an artifact from Atlantis with a sample of orichalcum. This was the start of a 1939 expedition to find the Lost City and infinite amounts of the precious metal.


Ubermann's becomes famous for his achievements

Along with Colonel Kerner, Ubermann led a team of Nazi troopers to the ruins of Atlantis but he then started to become interested not only in the metal but in the God machine, which was powered by orichalcum and believed to make men living deities. He was almost thwarted by Indiana Jones and Sophia Hapgood, who knew the real secret of orichalcum: rather than making men into gods, it turned them into monsters.

Ubermann death

Ubermann's gruesome transformation.

Not knowing this, Ubermann tested the elaborate orichalcum-powered device and briefly achieved his dream of Godhood, becoming a radiant being of pure energy. However, the lifeform that he became quickly lost cohesion and exploded, with the force of the explosion enough to trigger the final destruction of Atlantis.

Behind the scenesEdit

Hans Ubberman appeared in the video game Indiana Jones and the Fate of Atlantis.

Ubermann's appearance differs significantly between the Fate of Atlantis comic book adaptation and the game which is obvious in the pictures above: In the comic he is a monocle-wearing fat man (called 'pork flesh' in Kerner's mumbles) with a 'toothbrush' mustache; in the game he is a thin hunchbacked white-haired bald old man with glasses.

As an interest fact, in the Fate of Atlantis comic, Ubberman ends up as a mutilated horned subhuman not unlike Colonel Kerner, while in the game he becomes a spirit-like entity before vanishing and dying.

Appearances Edit


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