This article is about an SS general. You may be looking for Indiana Jones' friend or Heinrich Himmler.

Reichsführer Heinrich was a leading Schutzstaffel general in the Nazi Party. He led a detachment of former SS soldiers in collaboration with the insane alchemist Dr. Matthias Jäger to find the Philosopher's Stone in 1947.

Biography Edit

In 1947, Heinrich helped Dr. Matthias Jäger search for the Philosopher's Stone to resurrect an army of Nazi soldiers. Heinrich wasn't a strong believer in the stone's power but personally witnessed the ceremony Dr. Jäger conducted while holding Soviet Major Nadia Kirov hostage and was convinced that Germany could be saved from ruin. His hopes were dashed when the ritual was interrupted by Indiana Jones, who pointed out that the stone could only be used by someone pure of heart.

After Jäger destroyed himself with the stone, the tower that the ceremony was conducted in started to quake and collapse. While Nadia and Indy escaped, Heinrich wasn't so lucky, as he was crushed to death by falling debris.

Behind the scenesEdit

General Heinrich bears similarities with Arnold Ernst Toht, the Gestapo agent who appeared as one of the secondary antagonists in Raiders of the Lost Ark. Like Heinrich, Toht was one of Adolf Hitler's most loyal followers and helped the main antagonist (in Toht's case, René Emile Belloq) to prepare a ceremony for the use an artifact despite scepticism of the supernatural. It was also the power of the artifacts which sealed their respective fates.


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