This article is about the Nazi soldier on Zile Muri-yo. You may be looking for the captain of U-357.
"It--it seems...rather...fantastic, Colonel."
Heinrich Wagner[src]

Heinrich Wagner was a soldier in the Nazi SS in Hans Schäefer's squad, serving on Edwin Gruber's operation on Zile Muri-yo in 1943.

When Gruber brought up the focus of their mission: to retrieve a Haitian formula that could create superhuman abilities, Wagner expressed his doubt in such a fantastic tale, but Braun gave his eyewitness testimony about one of the attackers at Efreye Village who was unaffected by three bullets in the chest.

Later, the German troops were forced to cross a rough river, and Wagner was the last man to cross, using a rope to pull himself through the water. One of the other soldiers tried to warn him to go back when a large log was spotted coming down the river. Wagner tried to keep moving forward, but the log hooked on the rope, and its tail end swung around and struck him in the head. Wagner let go, and Gruber assumed that he had either died of the head injury or by drowning.

Behind the scenesEdit

Wagner is listed as a corporal in the scene when he expresses disbelief in superhuman Haitians, but later is mentioned to be a private when crossing the river.


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