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"They used to say a Boche pilot could spot a courier... like a hawk does a rabbit!"
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Hermann Wilhelm Göring (also spelled Goering) was a German fighter pilot during World War I, and later a top Nazi political figure and commander of the Luftwaffe during World War II.


In September 1916, Göring piloted a biplane across enemy lines in the Verdun battle area. He spotted a motorcycle courier and turned to give chase. Using his machine guns, he fired upon the courier as the courier zipped down a country road. When the courier reached some farm buildings, Göring dropped a first bomb, which missed the motorcycle, and then a second bomb, which wrecked a building, and knocked over a large tank, and caused the motorcycle to crash, throwing the driver into a crater. Looping around, he saw the courier lying still. Giving a salute to the courier, Göring flew off. After the biplane left, the courier picked himself up and drove his motorbike to the French artillery area to continue with his mission.

Behind the scenesEdit

Though unnamed and uncredited in the episode "Verdun, September 1916", the German biplane pilot is identified in the comic adaptation as Hermann Göring by his nameplate on his aircraft. Historical photographs of the real Göring from this time do not show that he wore a mustache.



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