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Corporal Higgins was a member of the US Military Police stationed at Hangar 51. He served under Sergeant Wycroft. When he, Wycroft, Private Mitchell and two other MPs were left on gate duty during the base's 24-hour lockdown, a bored Higgins, seeing some teenagers racing an army truck, bet his Sergeant that the truck would win. He lost the bet, though, when the teens in their hotrod outpaced the truck. It later turned out that the truck's occupants, supposedly an American army officer, "Colonel Truman" and his men, were actually Soviet Special Forces in disguise. They killed Higgins along with all the other MPs.

Behind the scenes Edit

In the movie, no names are given for the policemen on guard. Higgins's name is only indicated in the film novelization. It therefore remains unclear whether he is the M.P. in Guard Hut appearing in the film's credits who was played by Kevin Collins.


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