Himitsu was the name of a secret Japanese intelligence group. It kept such a low profile that almost nobody in the Japanese military knew of its existence, though the group used the military for support for its activities. It is not clear whether the group was an official part of the Japanese government, or simply a group of powerfully connected agents working on behalf of Japan's best interests.

In 1943, agent Yamada Hajime was sent to acquire the secret of Haitian invincibility from Zile Muri-yo, before either the Germans or Americans or British could obtain it. To that end, Yamada led an army unit, commanded by Suzuki to follow Indiana Jones and George McHale on the island.

Behind the scenesEdit

In Japanese, the word "himitsu" means "secret" or "secrecy". During World War II, much of Japan's espionage and intelligence gathering was done by the Kempeitai, the Japanese gendarmie, which had grown to become the state police and intelligence agency.


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