"...don't call me Junior!"
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"Don't get clever, Boris, you don't know 'im!"
George McHale[src]

Disguised as American serviceman "Hoover", a Russian soldier accompanied his superiors, Colonels Antonin Dovchenko and Irina Spalko, to infiltrate Hangar 51 in Nevada in 1957.

Biography Edit

In 1957, Hoover soldier along his comrades, disguised as US military soldiers, helped his superiors, Colonels Antonin Dovchenko and Irina Spalko infiltrate Hangar 51 in Nevada, USA in order to acquire the Roswell remains. During Indiana Jones' escape, Hoover and Jones' fomer ally George McHale drove at Jones' oncoming Dodge M-37 in their staff car; Mac warned the Russian not to get clever. Jones didn't swerve and the cars collided headfirst.

He was seen later in Doom Town along with Franklin and Lincoln, and sat in the back seat of the staff car. After discovering that Doom Town was actually a nuclear test site, Hoover and his comrades tried to escape in the staff car and left Jones to die. however, it was too late. While Jones survived by taking shelter in a lead-lined refrigerator, Hoover was killed when the atomic blast caught up to their vehicle.

Behind the scenesEdit

"Hoover" was played uncredited by stuntman John Dixon in Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull.

Mac calls the character "Boris" in the film. However, given that "Boris" was a name commonly associated in American culture for being Russian, it's more likely that "Boris" was just a quick nickname Mac thought up for him, rather than being his actual name. Like many of the Soviet Special Forces who infiltrated Hangar 51, Hoover shares his name with a US president, in his case Herbert Hoover.

According to the insignia on his shirt, "Hoover" was pretending to be a Sergeant First Class.



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