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"If they knew we were here, they would've killed us already."
Barranca on the Hovitos[src]

The Hovitos tribe.

The Hovitos were the descendants of the Chachapoyans that hid their fertility idol inside the cave where it rested. The Hovitos tribe lived in the mountainous jungles of Peru, and had their own language. Hovitos archers used poison-tipped darts and arrows when hunting and fighting.

In 1936, a tribe of Hovitos helped René Belloq, who spoke Hovitos, track Indiana Jones and killed his treacherous guide Barranca. When Belloq reclaimed the idol from Jones, he showed it off to his Hovitos hunting party, giving time for Jones to escape. While Hovitos warriors gave chase, Jones managed to escape in Jock Lindsey's plane.

After Jones later re-claimed the idol and brought it to the National Museum, several Hovitos, led by Xomec, and aided by Ilsa Toht, raided the party celebrating the idol's arrival, and stole the idol back, returning it to South America. Indy pursued them, defeated Xomec and Toht, and returned the idol to the museum.



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