Gruber: "We are going to knock you out, to keep you from feeling the pain when we move you. When you wake up, you will be in a better place, do you understand?"
Hurst: "Jawohl, Herr Doktor. I understand."
Edwin Gruber and Hurst[src]

Hurst was a soldier of Nazi Germany. In 1943, he was part of a squad of soldiers commanded by Hans Schäefer, as part of Edwin Gruber's forces in the search to find the Haitian formula to make super soldiers. Of Gruber's men, he was the second to last to die on Zile Muri-yo.

In the summer of 1943, as part of Schäefer's squad, he was stationed in a secret camp in the Dominican Republic, awaiting the call from Gruber to mobilize. Flying to Jacmel, the unit met up with Gruber and traveled by boat to Zile Muri-yo, where they tailed Indiana Jones and George McHale, and avoided Yamada Hajime's men.

After the rival Japanese and Nazi groups came under attack by Boukman's zombis, the groups eventually merged with the common purpose of retrieving the formula, thought to be the object of Jones' and McHale's quest. After a storm, Hurst and a Japanese soldier were sent to scout ahead of their party. They had discovered a herd of wild pigs, and accidentally startled it. Despite firing his gun, Hurst had been trampled by the pigs, causing him to have broken ribs, a punctured lung and internal bleeding.

When Gruber and Yamada arrived on the scene, Gruber recognized Hurst's dire need for surgery -- and the lack of a method to save his life. Choosing to let Hurst die humanely, Gruber ordered his last remaining soldier to inject Hurst with four grains of morphine, enough to kill him painlessly. As Hurst began to expire, Gruber comforted his soldier, and after he died, Gruber ordered that his body be moved off of the trail.


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