Ian McIver was an infamous antiquities thief. An old acquaintance of Indiana Jones, the red-bearded Irishman had previously tangled with Indy "over those tablets in Bangkok."


In 1936, Ian McIvere ran a ring of international artifact thieves out of the ancient Mere d'Amitié Monastery in France. Indiana Jones tracked him to the monastery after McIver stole a Piute Summoning Stone from Marcus Brody's National Museum. Indy managed to retrieve the artifact but McIver sounded the alarm and Indy barely managed to escape with his life. McIver and Indy met again in Africa at Doctor/Colonel Curt Johan Vogel's camp. McIver was assisting the Nazis in their search for the Shintay and their legendary crystals. They were successful but their attempts to steal the crystals resulted in many deaths and the destruction of the Shintay. McIver managed to escape unscathed but vowed vengeance against Indy.



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