The Ice Guardian was a giant Ice Creature defender of Urgon's Machine Part. The ice guardian was a larger four-legged version of the smaller, bipedal ice monster minions. It was created by Urgon.

The ice monster was capable of standing on its hind legs, climbing up walls and ceilings, and spitting out sharp icicles at intruders. It was also capable of attacks at close range but is most notorious for rolling into a destructive ball that could crush anyone in its path.

Although it was successful on some intruders, the creature met its match in Indiana Jones in 1947.


Death of the Ice Guardian.

The adventurer retrieved Urgon's part of the Infernal Machine from Urgon's study and used the device's concussive power to injure the monster, smashing its icy body full of cracks. The third time Jones activated the device, the ice guardian exploded into countless tiny pieces.



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