Dr Jones, what you look at
"Dr. Jones, what you look at?"
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Indiana Jones' suite was a bedroom at the Pankot Palace used by the visiting Indiana Jones and Short Round in 1935.

The suite had a large double-bed for the one or two occupants to sleep in, several pillars and a chaise which Short Round slept on. A few of the walls had mural paintings that consisted of standing figures.

While staying at the palace, Willie Scott was expecting Indiana to come to her suite, but Indy began playing hard to get and stayed in his suite, expecting her to come over to him.

As he paced in the suite, muttering to himself and trying to think of what to do, he was attacked by a Thuggee assassin who was posing as one of the guards in the painting behind Jones. The assassin wrapped a silk cord around Indiana's neck in an attempt to garrotte him. Despite ramming him against a pillar, hitting him over the head with a pot and flipping him over onto his back, Indiana couldn't loosen the attacker's deathgrip, though he eventually began to get the upper hand in the fight.

The loud sound of the men's grapple woke Short Round who threw Indiana his bullwhip. As the assassin fled to escape, Indy cracked his whip, wrapping it around the man's neck. Indy then threw the whip upwards where it got entangled on the revolving ceiling fan. The lassoed assassin was tugged upwards and instantly hanged.

Indiana then searched in Willie's suite for any passageway which an assassin might enter through. He found one which lead him, Short Round and Willie to the Temple of Doom.



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