Wave 1


Wave 2


Wave 2, Revision 1

In 2008, Hasbro released a line of Indiana Jones Deluxe Action Figures. These figures included accessories.

Wave 1:

Wave 2:

Wave 2, Revision 1:

  • Indiana Jones with Horse
  • German with Motorcycle
  • Indiana Jones with Trap
  • German Soldier 2-pack
  • Indiana Jones with the Ark
  • Marion Ravenwood with a Cairo henchman and a monkey
  • Cario Thugs
  • Mutt Williams with Motorcycle.

There were also multipack sets that were exclusive to Target and Walmart stores as labeled on the boxes.

  • Cairo ambush set
  • Jungle chase
  • DVD Commemorative set (Wal Mart)
  • DVD Commemorative set 2 (Wal mart)
  • Tank showdown set.

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