IJ Explores the Vikings

Indiana Jones Explores The Vikings

Indiana Jones Explores is a series of six educational books designed to introduce historical cultures to younger readers. The series was written by John Malam and originally published as hardcovers from 1991-1994 in the United Kingdom by Evans Brothers Ltd with a poster inside the jacket.

Two titles, Indiana Jones Explores Ancient China and Indiana Jones Explores Ancient Scandinavia, were advertised in the series that didn't see a release.

The books were later republished without the Indiana Jones license as the Remains to be Seen series.

Publisher's summaryEdit

This book is part of a series which explores the lost worlds of ancient civilizations. Indiana Jones acts as a guide and brings these ancient worlds to life by introducing young children to the excitement of discovering some of the secrets of the past. He provides information about society, their towns, villages, artefacts, religion, inventions, art, crafts and life style. On each spread is a page from the Indiana Jones fact file. These pages contain unusual or related information which complements the main text. An Indiana Jones information poster is also included.

Books in the seriesEdit

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