Indiana Jones Jr et le Fantôme du Klondike (in English, Young Indiana Jones and the Phantom of the Klondike) is a young adult novel by French author Jérôme Jacobs, published by Hachette Livre in 1997. The story takes place right after the opening events of Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade involving young Indiana Jones. This novel is notable as it featured both a character from Last Crusade's opening, Herman Mueller, and a character from the television show, Helen Seymour.

Publisher's summary Edit

Original French Edit

Quinze ans après la ruée vers l'or, Indy se lance à l'assaut du Grand Nord, à la recherche d'un trésor perdu. En chemin, il rencontre le célèbre écrivain Jack London, un chercheur d'or transi de froid et de peur, un manitou coléreux et... un ours affamé! Le jeune aventurier survivra-t-il à expédition de tous les dangers?

English translation Edit

Fifteen years after the gold rush, Indy launches out to conquer the Far North, in search of a lost treasure. Along the way, he meets celebrated writer Jack London, a gold digger stiff with cold and fear, an irascible manitou and... a starving bear! Will the young adventurer survive the expedition full of dangers?

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Characters Edit

Locations Edit

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