Indiana Jones Jr et le Triangle des Bermudes (in English, Young Indiana Jones and the Bermuda Triangle) is a young adult novel by French author Jérôme Jacobs, published by Hachette Livre in 1997.

Publisher's summary Edit

Original French Edit

La première traversée en hydravion du détroit de Floride ! Indy ne laissera jamais passer une chance pareille. Bien que son père le professeur Jones s'oppose formellement à une telle folie, le jeune aventurier accepte la proposition de Woodrow Smith, féru d'aviation. Au petit matin, l'avion décolle sans encombre. Mais au-dessus du triangle des Bermudes, l'appareil disparaît dans la brume…

English translation Edit

The first crossing of the Florida straits in a seaplane! Indy will never let such a chance pass him by. Although his father, Professor Jones, opposes such a madness, the young adventurer accepts the proposal of Woodrow Smith, set on the flight. In the early morning, the plane takes off without problems. But above the Bermuda Triangle, the aircraft disappears in the fog...

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September 1913 September 1913 October 1913
Indiana Jones Jr et le Violon du Metropolitan Indiana Jones Jr et le Triangle des Bermudes Young Indiana Jones and the Ghostly Riders

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