Indiana Jones and the Genesis Deluge is the fourth novel in the series of original Indiana Jones stories published by Bantam Books. It was written by Rob MacGregor and released in February 1992.

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London, 1927. Since losing his beloved Deirdre in the Amazon a year ago, Indiana Jones has settled down with his Ph.D. and taught Celtic archaeology, thinking he left adventure behind. Yet Indy is rather tempted when a wild-eyed Russian doctor, Vladimir Zobolotsky, tries to recruit him for an expedition to search for Noah's Ark...and then finally takes the dangerous quest after meeting Vladimir's alluring daughter, Katrina.

They set out for Istanbul and Mount Ararat, fabled location of Noah's Ark, when trouble erupts. Kremlin agents, Sicilian "enforcers," and Turkish bandits all attempt to bar Vladimir, Katrina, and Indiana Jones from the archaeological find of the century...and a certain 950-year-old boat-builder...

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In early printings of the novel, Indy utters the obscene expletive "Fuck the Sultans, and fuck you!" after being drugged by his adversaries. Later printings censored this passage.[1]

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