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This article covers a film, book, comic or game that was cancelled or replaced by another product. Cancelled material is usually not canon; however, aspects of such material sometimes find their way into later products and thus become canon. You have been warned.
This article is about the shelved video game. You may be looking for the comic book series.

Indiana Jones and the Iron Phoenix was to be the sequel to Indiana Jones and the Fate of Atlantis.

The story was to be about a group of Nazis hiding in Bolivia attempting to resurrect Adolf Hitler from his ashes in the aftermath of World War II.

The production team headed by Joe Pinney was fifteen months into production when they found out at ECTS, the European Computer Trade Show, that depictions of post-war revivals of Nazis were illegal in Germany. As LucasArts wouldn't be able to recuperate the loss from not selling the game there, the game was shelved.

Its plot did, however, form the basis for the Indiana Jones and the Iron Phoenix comic produced by Dark Horse and as such, LucasArts is thanked in the books' credits.

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