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Indiana Jones and the Lost Treasure of Sheba is the second gamebook in Ballantine's "Find Your Fate Adventure" series, written by author Rose Estes. It was released in June 1984.

Publisher's summary Edit

Can I really help Indiana Jones find THE LOST TREASURE OF SHEBA?

I have to! Last night two men kidnapped my father, Dr. George Ballentyne, a military engineer, from our apartment. My dad has a map to the long-lost treasure of Sheba and he knows a lot about a mysterious new diamond laser. The Fascist forces in Ethiopia want control of both!

So I'm going with Indiana Jones to Ethiopia—a land of dangerous villains, volcanoes, underground mazes, and ruthless spies—to find the treasure and save my father. Indy says it's all up to me: I have to decide what to do; I have to choose which moves to make...I'm in charge every terrifying step of the way!

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Behind the scenes Edit

Indiana Jones and the Lost Treasure of Sheba implies that the port of Djibouti is in Ethiopia under Fascist control. In 1938, the city of Djibouti was, and still is, the capital of what was once French Somaliland, the modern day country of Djibouti.

This book contains sixty-five distinct narrative paths. Four paths are tied for the title of longest sequence, at thirty-eight pages each. All four converge on page 34 and continue on to page 40, where Indy and the rescued doctor head home with a few small pieces of the lost treasure.

Contrary to the summary on the back cover, George Ballantyne is the child protagonist of this adventure; his father is Dr. Roger Ballantyne. The reason given for Indy's willingness to let George tag along on this trip is that Indy doesn't speak Italian (the language of occupied Ethiopia), while George does. However, the "Northern Italy, July 1918" episode of The Young Indiana Jones Chronicles later established Indy as a fluent speaker of Italian.

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