Indiana Jones et le Grimoire Maudit (translated as Indiana Jones and the Cursed Book of Magic) is a French-language, hardcover comic book by Claude Moliterni and Giancarlo Alessandrini. It was released by Bagheera in 1995. Unlike the previous two entries in the series (Indiana Jones et le Secret de la Pyramide and Indiana Jones et la Cité de la Foudre), this book was never distributed in Shell gasoline stations.

Publisher's summaryEdit

Original French Edit

Les alchimistes du Moyen Âge, savants de talent ou simples charlatans, rêvaient de découvrir une substance miraculeuse, la pierre philosophale ou l'élixir de longue vie, qui leur permettrait de transmuter en or un métal vil comme le plomb et conférerait l'immortalité à qui le posséderait.

Indiana Jones se trouve confronté, étant en possession du "livre perdu de la Cabale," aux menées occultes et subversives d'un group d'agents secrets voulant, à tout prix, percer le secret de ce grimoire.

English translation Edit

The alchemists of the Middle Ages, whether skilled scientists or simple charlatans, dreamed of discovering a miraculous substance, known as the Philosopher's Stone or the Elixir of Life, which would transmute a base metal like lead into gold and confer immortality to whomever wields it.

Indiana Jones, in possession of the Lost Book of the Cabal, is confronted by a group of occult agents who will stop at nothing to learn the secrets of this magic book.

Plot summary Edit

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