Indymag is an unofficial, fanmade online Indiana Jones magazine published bi-monthly. From the first issue in December 2015, the magazine was edited by "Junior Jones" and published by on-line at A print edition was made available from issue 5 through Peecho.

Indymag is populist in both approach and coverage taking an irreverent view on the franchise.

As well as Indy news, previews and reviews, Indymag has some other regular features.

Each issue features Indystuff for new Indiana Jones purchases including insane purchase, for those less than desirable Indy items.

The regular Whatchado'in feature the works of various production personal and include an ongoing reference to Shia LaBeouf as Pepe LeBeouf.

Why Indy? presents fans answers to same silly or unusual questions, including the question "Snog, Marry or avoid?"

Eyecandy is another regular feature in which an actor or production perosnal is chosen based on their sexual appeal to Indyfans.

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