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Interviews and More Music from Indiana Jones is the fifth disc on the Indiana Jones: The Soundtracks Collection released in November 2008. Exclusive to the set, the disc contains tracks not included on the other discs or previous editions of the individual film soundtracks as well as excerpts from interviews with John Williams, Steven Spielberg and George Lucas hosted by Laurent Bouzereau who consulted with the three in 2003 and 2008.

Track listingEdit

  1. Raiders March (from Raiders of the Lost Ark)
  2. Interviews with John Williams, Steven Spielberg and George Lucas
  3. Uncovering the Ark (from Raiders of the Lost Ark)†
  4. Indy and the Villagers (from Temple of Doom)†
  5. The Secret Passage (from Temple of Doom)†
  6. Father's Study (from Last Crusade)†
  7. Marcus is Captured/To Berlin (from Last Crusade)†
  8. To the Blimp (from Last Crusade)†
  9. The Blimp Turns Around (from Last Crusade)†
  10. Death of Kazim (from Last Crusade)†
  11. Wrong Choice, Right Choice (from Last Crusade)†
  12. Return to the Village/Raiders March (from Temple of Doom)†

†Previously unreleased

Total Time: 51:46

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