Irina's Theme is the title of the leitmotif for Soviet leader and main antagonist Irina Spalko, composed by John Williams for Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull. The theme has a Russian-sounding flavor, and is reminiscent of classic film noir B-movies in that it captures the deceptive and sensual nature of its subject. The smooth, snake-like saxophone and brass progressions overlapping an unsettling undertone musically portray Irina's malevolence.

The piece is first heard when Irina steps out of her staff car at the entrance of Hangar 51, and a twisted, vehement rendition of it is heard when she is on the screen for the last time as she meets her gruesome death at the Temple of Akator (Soundtrack: Temple Ruins and the Secret Revealed). The music is also heard in the film's ending credits, and is included as a suite on the soundtrack album.

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