J. Saunders was a Professor at Marshall College and as chairman of the campus's history department from at least 1936 - 1937, boss of Indiana Jones.


While chairman of the history department of Marshall College, professor J. Saunders also taught American history as part of History 201 and History 250. Though he disapproved of Professor Indiana Jones' tendency to be out of the classroom more often than not, leaving classes to colleagues or independent study, Saunders wasn't interested reprimanding the man. Instead, he hoped Jones would eventually settle into professorship like Henry Jones, Sr.[1]

Personality and traitsEdit

By 1936, the hair of stern, bear-like Saunders had began to whiten, his face was wrinkled, and walking required the use of a cane but it also doubled as a device for making a point when banged against desk or ground. He said little outside of the classroom where his passion for American history lay, though the few worthy in Saunders' eyes could sometimes entice a discussion with him on the Revolutionary War.[1]

As department chair, he kept close watch on his professors and was a stickler for procedure and administrative detail, occasionally commented on the faculty's handling of classes. He also favored coat and tie dresswear. In his personal life, Saunders had never found time for marriage though he wasn't opposed to the idea.[1]


Notes and referencesEdit

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