Professor Jacques Levi was a friend of Professor Henry Jones, Sr., who taught at a university at the Sorbonne. He lived with his wife, Annabelle, at 12 Rue de Seine. Professor Levi was a personal friend of the Minister of War and perhaps "pulled a few strings" so that Indiana Jones and Remy Baudouin were able to get a furlough to Paris.

Levi extended an invitation to Indy to stay with his wife and he in Paris when Jones got a break during the first World War. In October 1916, Indy met up with the Levis, though chose not to stay with them, and Professor Levi read to him a letter from his father, Henry Jones, Sr; Henry hoped that Levi would dissuade Indy from continuing the foolishness of war.

As members of higher society, the Levis were frequently invited to society events, and brought Indy to one of them on his first night in Paris, a birthday party for the undersecretary of war, where Indy met Mata Hari.

Behind the scenesEdit

The character of Professor Levi was played by Ian McDiarmid in The Young Indiana Jones Chronicles, who is most famous for portraying Palpatine in the Star Wars saga.

In March 2008, claimed that McDiarmid had reprised his role for Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull. However, this information was removed several hours later.[1] Several fansites reported on the issue, and the UK tabloid Daily Express claimed the character would serve as a replacement for Sean Connery's Henry Jones, Sr. character,[2] as Connery turned down making a cameo appearance.[3] While Levi doesn't appear in the film, a different character, Charles Stanforth, was created to serve the purpose of Connery's character.[4]

Professor Levi's first name of Jacques was introduced in The Mata Hari Affair.


Notes and referencesEdit

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