Jadoo was a highly proficient Indian alchemist who claimed to be 123 years old.


In 1930, Jadoo happened to be visited at his home by magician Kaspar Maskelyne who enquired about the Staff of Aaron and the Omega Book. After learning about the artifacts, Jadoo became obsessed with finding them to increase his own power. He killed Kaspar and used his skull as an ornate cup. 1934 saw the alchemist visited by Kaspar's wife and daughter, Faye and Mystery Maskelyne, and archaeologist Indiana Jones who were searching for Kaspar and the staff. While Jadoo claimed he hadn't seen Kaspar, Indiana was already suspicious about him. After they left, Jadoo received another visitor in the form of Japanese spymaster Mishima Sokai who, besides searching for Jones, was searching for the Omega Book. Seeing an opportunity, Jadoo formed a partnership with Sokai.

Jadoo, Sokai, and a team of Japanese soldiers followed Indy and the others to Giza, Egypt. After capturing Faye Maskelyne and Sallah Mohammed Faisel el-Kahir, Sokai and his lieutenant, Musashi went into a chamber underneath the Sphinx while Jadoo waited outside. Musashi returned with Indy, Mystery, and the Omega Book but after informing Jadoo about Sokai's death from the Omega Book, Jadoo made himself the commander and demanded that the book be given to him. However, all hell broke loose when Indy told Faye about Jadoo's responsibility in Kaspar's death and the angered woman used her skills in magic to activate the staff already in her possession to invoke a curse on Jadoo. Jadoo pleaded for his life and tried to run away but fell dead from a heart attack.