Jamal was a man Indiana Jones hired to supply some of the decor for Marion Ravenwood's nightclub, The Raven's Nest in New York City. He had previously been accused by police of having illegal artifacts in his antiquities shop but Professor Jones vouched for him and in gratitude Jamal agreed to help decorate the nightclub. A series of "incidents" in the club soon made it appear that someone was trying to stop Ravenwood from opening the club. Jones and Ravenwood first suspected the local crime boss, Emil Marko, but soon turned their suspicions on Jamal. He eventually confessed and revealed that he intended to smuggle unregistered artifacts in the guise of decorations and then destroy the cafe to cover the evidence. In the following struggle, Jamal's bomb detonated, destroying the club and killing Jamal as he attempted to salvage some of his artifacts.

Appearances Edit

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