Doctor Jastro was an archaeologist.


In 1929 Jastro who led an expedition to Iceland sponsored by Barnett College. The outing—which came to be known simply as "the Jastro expedition"—uncovered many mysterious artifacts dating back to 1500 BC. Indiana Jones, a member of Jastro's team on his first "real job", would later recall the senior archaeologist as "sloppy" and "a braggart."

After the Iceland expedition, Jastro went to the Azores and found more Atlantean artifacts, but hid them in a cave near Horta.

Behind the scenesEdit

While Indiana Jones and the Fate of Atlantis mentions the Jastro Expedition by this name, the meaning and its origin are not explained. Jastro is a minor community in California.

The comic adaptation reveals that "Jastro" was a person and some slight background is given about him.


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