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National Archaeology article about the Jastro Expedition.

The Jastro Expedition was an archaeological dig Iceland led by Dr. Jastro in November 1929. It was sponsored by Barnett College.[1]

The dig was Indiana Jones' first "real job" working as a field supervisor; it was there he met Sophia Hapgood, with whom he worked closely for three months, at one point even sharing the same blanket.[1]

After Iceland, the team moved to the Azores.

Many Atlantean artifacts were unearthed by Jastro and his team, including a Horned Idol and Nur-Ab-Sal's necklace. Several of these artifacts were pilfered by Sophia for her private collection. Jastro too hid some pieces for himself, in a cave near Horta, Azores.[1]



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