"The sausage is Germany, okay?"
Jean Marc, explaining the Great War.[src]

Jean-Marc was a French soldier during World War I. In September 1916, he was a cook for the 2nd Army, in their headquarters at Souilly for the Verdun area.

After preparing a fine dinner for the generals, who dined upstairs, Jean-Marc ate dinner with the Belgian motorcycle couriers assigned to relay French communications: Rocco, Claude, Alex and Henri Defense (Indiana Jones) . When Defense expressed his confusion over the participants in the war, Jean-Marc began illustrating the networks of opposing alliances that led all the major nations of Europe in the war. Using the food and other objects around him, he demonstrated the geography of the continent and showed the Austrian attack on Serbia by sprinkling the salt (representing Austria) onto a small tomato (representing Serbia), and then eating it.

Jean-Marc: "Look. France (placing a baguette) is on the left. Russia (placing a round loaf of bread) is on the right. The sausage is Germany, okay? Now, this is Austria (holding a salt shaker). The potato is Belgium and the beer is Britain. And here, we have Serbia (taking a small tomato). Now when the archduke of Austria is assassinated in Serbia, Austria threatens to invade Serbia. (salts the tomato and pops it into his mouth)'"
Rocco: "What about Germany?"
Jean-Marc: "Germany, as an ally of Austria, declares war on Russia, an ally of Serbia."

Indiana Jones: "But we're fighting in France."
Jean-Marc: "Yes, indeed we are. France declares war to Germany and Austria, because of their alliance with Russia."
Indiana Jones: "What about Belgium?"

Rocco: "Ah!"
Jean-Marc: "Belgium. When Germany went to attack France, Belgium was on the way."
Rocco: "And Britain didn't like that, so they joined against Germany and Austria."

Jean-Marc: "Right."
Indiana Jones: "So, we're fighting to protect Serbia. A tiny country no one's ever heard of. That's what this war is all about?"
―Jean-Marc and Rocco explain the war to Indiana Jones[src]

Behind the scenes Edit

François-Eric Gendron played the role of Jean-Marc in the episode "Verdun, September 1916" of the The Young Indiana Jones Chronicles.

Though his role in the kitchen in the episode is not mentioned, both The Day of Destiny and The Mata Hari Affair refer to Jean-Marc as a chef.


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