"I'm terrible about old stuff. But they'll drop me from the team if I flunk your course..."
Jerry Travis to Indiana Jones[src]

Jerry Travis was a football player at Barnett College in 1939.


One of the poorer students in Indiana Jones' archaeology class, Jerry Travis received a passing grade after saving Jones from being shot by the nefarious Klaus Kerner on the road from the college.

Later, after Dr. Jones had been shot by Kerner's men at Sophia Hapgood's apartment, Travis visited Jones in the hospital, hoping to help in Jones' quest. Jones put Travis to work by having him send some telegrams. Travis and Marcus Brody saw Jones and Hapgood off on their way to Iceland via seaplane from Long Island, then the two acted as Jones' communications hub from the school. Brody left Travis in charge after Brody received a cable from Hector Uribe and went to Spain to investigate.

After the secrets of Atlantis were revealed (and destroyed), Jones, Brody and Hapgood attended a Barnett College football game. In the final play, Travis intercepted a pass and made his way for a touchdown, winning the game for Barnett. After the game, he presented the game ball to Sophia, in thanks for her tip that let him know the other team's play.

Appearances Edit

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