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This article covers a film, book, comic or game that was cancelled or replaced by another product. Cancelled material is usually not canon; however, aspects of such material sometimes find their way into later products and thus become canon. You have been warned.

Jerusalem, June 1909 was an un-produced episode of The Young Indiana Jones Chronicles, which would have been part of the third season of the series. The subject of this episode was to have been archaeology. The theme was to have been "Greed".

In this episode, Indy would for the first time (chronologically) encounter his future mentor Abner Ravenwood, who would have been seen searching for the Ark of the Covenant on the Temple Mount.

In "Palestine, October 1917", Indy and his comrades suggest that they will be returning to Jerusalem by Christmas of 1917. Indy also mentions having once attended a dig in Jerusalem in Treasure of the Peacock's Eye, which appears to be a reference to this episode.

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