Joel McNeely is an American music composer for film and television. He has composed music for several Lucasfilm Ltd. projects, including for The Young Indiana Jones Chronicles television show. His music for the show, along with music scored by Laurence Rosenthal was included on the soundtrack albums for the show. He went on to compose the music for the Star Wars Shadows of the Empire soundtrack and episodes of American Dad!.

McNeeley later requested and received permission from George Lucas to adapt and expand "She's Wonderful, Too" — a song he wrote for Young Indiana Jones and the Mystery of the Blues — into a full-length piece for Family Guy creator Seth MacFarlane's debut album Music Is Better Than Words.[1]


McNeely composed, conducted, arranged and/or produced music for the following episodes of The Young Indiana Jones Chronicles:

Music originally composed by McNeely for Young Indy later was re-used in the The Adventures of Young Indiana Jones video releases, related documentaries, DVD extras, and even in the LEGO Indiana Jones: The Original Adventures games.


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