Dr. John Reid was a professor at Barnett College, in the geology department. While trained as a geologist, he fancied himself quite the archaeologist. On his untrained recommendation, Dr. Mulbray purchased a Mexican statue, which Indiana Jones later proved to be a fake, by breaking it to show the cross-section.

Marcus Brody didn't think highly of Reid and couldn't see what the geology department had had in mind when they selected him.

Behind the scenesEdit

In the Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade Graphic Adventure video game, the player can help Indiana Jones get a little revenge on Professor Reid. When Indy's students mob his office, if Indy had previously talked to Brody about Mulbray and Reid, Indy can tell the mob of students to sign up for another archaeology professor, and then when informed that all the other archaeology professors' classes are full, he can recommend taking Reid's geology class, saying that Mulbray recommended him. The students go for this, and empty out of Jones' office.

This is the alternative method to using the lines that Jones used in the film — having Irene write down all the students' names. In this case, the room is not emptied and Indy has to leave only through his window, as in the film.


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