This article is about the son of Pilar, maid of Francisca Uribe Del Arco. You may be looking for Jorge, the thug working for Dieterhoffmann.

Jorge was the only son of Pilar. Like his mother, he worked as a household servant to Francisca Uribe Del Arco.

In 1937, he accompanied his mother and Professor Uribe to Uribe's new position at Barnett College in the United States. His immigration status was not entirely legitimate as they had entered the US from Canada.

Shortly before the fall semester began, Jorge was raking leave in front of Uribe's house when the professor and Indiana Jones walked up. Jorge was instructed to tell his mother to prepare tea and her sewing kit, and then provide Jones with a loaned pair of pants. Jorge's "pantalones" ended up poorly fitting Jones.

While Jones and Uribe had tea, Jorge answered the door, and two large men forced their way in, knocking Jorge's cap off. When one of the large men grabbed Jones, Jorge was held back by the other thug. Jorge managed to punch his attacker in the gut and get away. After the attackers fled when some fraternity brothers showed up, Uribe prevented Jones from calling the police, because of Jorge's irregular documentation status.

When Uribe and Jones left on a steamship to Buenos Aires, Jorge and his mother also accompanied them.


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