"The skull is a mind weapon. It will open a new frontier of psychic warfare. It was Stalin's dream."
Irina Spalko[src]

Joseph Stalin was the former leader of the Soviet Union.


On the eve of World War II, Stalin was paranoid about Adolf Hitler and so the Soviet police turned a blind eye to Nazi misdeeds. This allowed Colonel Klaus Kerner to steal a copy of the Hermocrates from a Leningrad museum in 1939 and leave unhindered.[1]

Stalin's interests lay in finding out the potential for psychic warfare. As such, he brought in Irina Spalko to search for the Crystal Skull of Akator with which the USSR could brainwash the American military army's minds to gain the advantage during the Cold War.[2]


Spalko continued to pursue Stalin's dream in the years following his death and, in 1957, was known by American forces to be leading teams in a global hunt for artifacts believed to have psychic applications. Spalko eventually found the Crystal Skull but it would be her undoing as the unearthly object took her life.[3]



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