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"Dr. Jones, what you look at?"
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The Jungle Village was a small settlement of indigenous tribesmen, located near the Temple of the Cosmos in Panama. Charles Kingston did a lot of work in the area of the jungle, and was on good terms with the local natives. The villagers were the guardians of the temple, they lived a peaceful life and were one with nature. The Village Chief knew Kingston, and saw him the last time he entered the temple.

In 1939, Kingston returned to the area, and the Village Chief knew him, and saw the professor the last time he entered the temple. Later, Sudao and his group of pillagers attacked the village, setting fire to its buildings, and scattering the villagers and their livestock. Indiana Jones arrived and fought off the pillagers, and met with the chief, who pointed him toward the temple and gave him a stone key that could open an entrance to the Panama Temple.


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