Jutta Schwarzkopf, alias Beth Addams, was a Nazi agent that sought connections to Atlantis.


Under the moniker "Beth Addams", Nazi agent Jutta Schwarzkopf worked as a secretary for Roger Fontane and watched Sophia Hapgood's lectures about Atlantis. One of those evenings Indiana Jones showed up claiming to be an officer investigating fraud, causing everyone to leave promptly.

"Addams" evidently contacted Klaus Kerner, as later that night Sophia's house was raided for Atlantean artifacts. During the attack Jones was injured by a bullet.

The next morning Hapgood tried to contact her devotees to discern who might have had connections to Kerner. She was outside Fontane's office building when she noticed and overheard his secretary taking a taxi to Midtown General Hospital where Indy was recuperating. Schwarzkopf attempted to assassinate the archaeologist, when Sophia arrived and clubbed her over the head from behind.

Appearances Edit

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