"The man you know as Marshal Kai is not who he appears to be. Kai Ti Chang is not just an officer in the army he is also the head of the Black Dragon Triad, the most powerful criminal syndicate in China."
Mei Ying[src]

Kai Ti Chang was a Chinese army marshal, crime lord and leader of the Black Dragon Triad. Teaming up with Nazi colonel Albrecht Von Beck to recover the Heart of the Dragon, Kai double-crossed him in 1935 by hiring Indiana Jones to find the artifact instead.


In 1935, obsessed with finding the Heart of the Dragon, Kai partnered up with the Nazi treasure hunter Albrecht Von Beck and sent him off to Ceylon to steal the first piece of the Mirror of Dreams. After hearing of Von Beck's defeat at the hands of Indiana Jones, Kai and his assistant, Mei Ying, visited Jones at his college posing as Chinese government agents. Their story of the Emperor's Tomb and the Heart of the Dragon sent the doctor off on his journey.

Soon after, Kai discovered that Mei Ying was a secret government agent and had notified Jones of the crime lord's true intentions. Kai and Von Beck captured her and brought her to Kai's island fortress. Angry with her betrayal, Kai planned to sacrifice her soul to the evil deity named Kong Tien whilst reforming the Mirror of Dreams. During this time, Kai was confronted by Von Beck over his hiring Jones to seize the other pieces of the Mirror before him. Kai maintained to the Nazi that he could take the Heart to Adolf Hitler once he ruled over China. Kai brought Mei Ying to an underground temple and prepared the ritual while joining the pieces of the Mirror of Dreams. Before he could finish the spell, the Mirror was whipped out of his hands by Indiana. The temple quaking, Kai and his men fled the area while Jones rescued Mei Ying.

Previously planning to double-cross Von Beck due to his failure, Kai and his loyal followers entered the Emperor's Tomb. Posting his soldiers around the area to make sure no one else gets past, Kai navigated the tomb and made it to the Emperor's crypt. Meanwhile Jones and Mei Ying arrived, defeated all of Kai's men, and retrieved the Heart of the Dragon. Kai, however, quickly reclaimed the artifact, asserting that he alone could control its power. Kai imprisoned Mei Ying and summoned a large dragon to attack Indy. Indy dodged the beast and powered up the Pa Cheng to attack Kai. After several blows, Kai was defeated and dropped the Heart. Believing him to be the emperor, the spirits of the emperor's servants exacted their revenge on Kai, dragging him to the bowels of the underworld where he was devoured by the dragon.

Behind the scenesEdit

Keone Young provided the voice of Marshal Kai Ti Chang in Indiana Jones and the Emperor's Tomb. The game credits the character as "Marshall Kai" but in the subtitles he introduces himself to Indiana Jones as "Marshal Kai Ti Chang".

While Indy is fighting Marshal Kai, if the player presses the start button, while on the start menu, Kai's helmet disappears, along with Indy's fedora.



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