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This article is about the deity. You may be looking for anthropologist Patar Kali.

Kali is a feminine Hindu deity. Kali is worshipped as a major figure in Hindu cosmology, acting as the wife of Shiva and a major patron goddess of destruction, the eradication of evil, and other things.



Thuggee statue of Kali.

The Thuggee cult — a fringe, radical religious offshoot of Hinduism — latched on to Kali's role as the goddess of destruction and centered their worship around a twisted take on that role. They committed acts of terrorism and mass murder, worshipped her with human sacrifices, and sought to rule the world in her name in ways that were considered atrocious and heretical by all outsiders, especially mainstream Hindus. As a result, the Thuggee were crushed by the British in the 1830s and thought wiped out.

However, a century later, Indiana Jones discovered that the Thuggee were resurgent. By 1930, the Anglo-Indian captain Blake had resurrected Thug practices to strike back at the peoples of both countries who had rejected his mixed-race heritage and around 1935 a group led by Mola Ram out of Pankot Province used a concoction called the Black Sleep of the Kali Ma to brainwash people to their cause.

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There is some controversy in the portrayals of Kali in film, including Temple of Doom, where there is a general misconception of Kali's role in Hindu culture.[1] The main organization portrayed in the movies with her worship is a highly unorthodox and heretical terrorist group that is highly divorced from mainstream Hinduism, and so it should be kept in mind that the inaccuracies in how she is portrayed largely stem from that twisted world view.



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